Balling on Budget

Lately I've made a few changes in my lifestyle to save some money. these changes mostly involve my eating and drinking habits, because i'm a lush. 

stop eating after 8pm
-sometimes i work until 11pm

breakfast = smoothie
-easy to stockpile frozen berries, bananas are cheap, yogurt is cheap & honey is good for you

replace beer with cheap wine
-a glass of red wine a day is good for you right?

eat the largest meal of the day during lunch

eat half of a meal when going out
-less calories, less ass fat, more to eat later

bring only 20 bucks to trader joes
-i have a problem when i go here. i could buy the entire store

snack = smoothie

no more happy hour
- the end of being a lush

geez i hope these things work.

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